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ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd is established for developing the new technologies in engineering and science and design & developed all the new comming technologies in all its aspects from a comprehensive system-level perspective.

Team members at The ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd is comprised of highly motivated, experienced work oriented members with many decades of expertise in R&D in Govt/private organizations. We well understand the industry problems and we are providings dedicated designing & development solutions based on the advanced engineering methods. Innovation and customer satisfaction are our guiding principles. ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd was created with the motive to empower everybody, and offers a platfrom to work with us for those who are highly passionated about growing with our exclusive networks of science and technology such as R&D, Aviation/Aerospace & Defense/missile, software development etc... in the India and abroad.



The ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd was founded on April 3, 2019. ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd offers R&D, Engineering Design and manufacturing, and support services to the major national Organizations. ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, Research-oriented Organization. ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd has been accepted to provide the best Engineering solution to any challenging problems occurring in the field of scientific and technology. At the same time, to the people of every corner of the world, our goal is to provide the benefits of technical knowledge of our research to the public. The process of our development of a particular technology will be done considering the safety of our environments. All the scientific and technical projects of ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd will be directed towards the enhancement of a better life for all the peoples across the World.

Our challenge is to match the excellence of ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd of the first millennium. ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd must be a centre of knowledge and technology in research and become most excellent. ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd has to be open to all people across the India and the world's chosen for their desire and capacity to absorb knowledge and apply their technical skills in diverse fields. It must have the best students and researchers to create and recreate knowledge and technologies. The ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd is the place of peoples of creating and recreating for the excellence. ADYAHA WAYS Pvt Ltd will be new but it will aspire to be as good as possible.

Vision and Mission


Harness Education, Research and Technology in the areas of Aeronautical/Aerospace Sciences for the Development of our Nation.


★ Design and development of the unmanned aerial (rotary) vehicle.
★ Design and development of dynamic air diffusers for disinfecting room to combat any near future pandemic diseases.
★ Design and development of the multi-role unmanned combat vehicle (MRUCV) to meet & fulfill challenging combat requirements of under-water, on-water, skimming-on-water/ground, flying in the air, vertical takeoff/landing