Innovations & Patents

Adyaha Ways Capabilities in innovations of new or better than existing Technologies

Innovation in technologies often involves the development of new solutions or improvements to existing ones. Adyaha Ways Has proven the capabilities in new or better than existing in scientific innovations. Adyaha ways Pvt Ltd has developed World's Most Highly efficient Ceiling fans which consumes only up to 18W with great Air delivery 222CMM and the technology has been patented. Which can able to save 45000 MW of electricity every years just by converting only 40% of the total inefficient fans existing in India with our technology. Which will able to save Rs. 3 Lakhs Crore Annually. Also Adyaha Ways Developed World most efficient Induction motor patented which efficiency is higher 20% higher than existing. Also developed world’s most efficient Wind turbine for domestic use. Adyaha Ways developed efficient combustion chamber for supersonic combustion system used in missiles.

Revolution through Innovation

Developed India's first 5-Star rated ceiling fan based on induction motor. The our organization will build wind turbines systems design is to have such energy resources which can be used at variety of places to produce the powers at low cost without affecting the human effort and environment losses. However this requires highly dedication and the principles for how to develop and integrate such a wind turbines as well as the methodology for promoting their uses and benefits in human life.

Some of the other innovations done by Adyaha Ways

✔ Developed Highly efficient Induction Motor Ceiling fan (Patented)

✔ We have designed a Ceiling fan blade which consumes minimum electrical power and deliver high rate of Air delivery (Patented)

✔ Most Efficient Wind turbine blades along with lowest noise generation

✔ Developed Highly efficient Wind turbine for 1KW (efficiency improvements by 6%)

✔ Designed and developed Low speed wind turbine blade generating low Sound pressure level or low noise level

✔ Efficiency improvement of Air-Conditioner by 10% and working on further improvements

✔ Combustion efficiency improvements by 3% in Scramjet Engine used in Missile applications

✔ Over all drag reduction on missile by 5%.

Need for Innovations

In the tropical zones or the places/ country's falls under high temperature zones requires ceiling fans for their comfort and still fans are the primary choice of appliance to cool people in India and other country at low cost, familiarity, simplicity, and accessibility. Ceiling fans will remain the primary choice for decades to come due to demographic shifts, climate change, and widespread electrification. Regular ceiling fans place a significant load on our electricity grid and, as a result, contribute significantly to environmental pollution.

Adyaha Ways being the innovator continues to set the industry standard for others to follow

Continuous Innovation (2022 and beyond)

After the so many successful innovation done by Adyaha Ways, planning to continue further innovation in the all areas of technologies by making it more efficient. Now Adyaha Ways has further pushed the boundaries of innovations in renewable energy sources for net zero CO2 emission

Core experience

✔ Establishing dedicated R&D teams or facilities to explore new technologies, conduct experiments, and develop prototypes

✔ Conducting thorough market research to identify gaps, needs, and opportunities for technological advancements

✔ Building prototypes and conducting extensive testing to validate concepts and ensure the feasibility of proposed technologies.

✔ Prioritizing user experience and involving end-users in the design process to create technologies that genuinely meet their needs.

Focus Area

✔ Establishing strategies for protecting and managing intellectual property, such as patents, to secure a competitive advantage

✔ Integrating sustainability and social responsibility into technology innovations, considering the environmental impact and societal benefits

✔ Providing strong leadership and a clear strategic vision for innovation, ensuring alignment with overall business goals

✔ Approaching challenges with a problem-solving mind-set, seeking innovative solutions to overcome obstacles