Electric Motor

Design & Analysis

We have expertise in Design and Analysis of Induction Motors, Synchronous Motor, BLDC Motor varying from 1/10HP to 10HP motors including 1– Phase and 3-Phase, Also have experience in BLDC Motors Design ranging from 15W to 3000W

Testing & Certification

We can help industires to have right equipment selection for testing of stand alone motors and application tests. Any certification requirements like BIS, UL, VDE, IEC, CB, CCC or any specific requirements can also be liasoned thru us for faster and direct results.

Motor Design and Analysis services


✔ Motor Design - Induction 1ph & 3ph, BLDC Motors (IPM, PMSM, LSPM etc), Finite Element Analysis - Electro Magnetic

✔ Design, 3D Modelling, Drawing, Finite Eliment Analysis - Structural & Thermal

✔ Making Samples of Motors & Parts using 3D Printing, CNC, VMC, Motor Winding & Assembly

✔ Dynamometer Testing of Motors for Speed Torque Characteristics

Core experience

✔ Electrical Design using inhouse developed programs

✔ Commercial package for Induction and BLDC Motors

✔ CAD & Analysis packages

✔ Testing & Application knowledge

✔ Certification requirements and necessary documentation

Focus Area

Electric Motors - Induction Motors & BLDC Motors Design, Analysis, Testing & Certifications.

Compressors - Design improvements for Efficiency and Reliability.

Pumps- Design improvements for Efficiency and Reliability.

Air-conditioners - Design improvements for Efficiency and Reliability.


✔ Performance prediction and comparison, Problem Diagnosis and Recommendations, Design Analysis and Modifications, Full Design Service, Design Optimization, Energy Efficient Designs

✔ Development of prototypes & testing, selection of testing equipments Certification: Necessary certifications support like BIS, IEC, UL, CB, CCC etc.

✔ Electrical Load Analysis

✔ Thermal Analysis

✔ Structural Analysis

✔ Stress & Load Analysis

✔ Modeling,fabrication, and manufacturing of Allmost all the Electrical motors Parts