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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Method (FEM) simulations are powerful tools in the field of marine and offshore engineering for analyzing fluid flow, heat transfer, and structural behavior. Analyze the flow of water around ships, offshore structures, and underwater components to optimize hydrodynamic performance. Analysis of wave-induced loads, current-induced forces, and combined wave and current effects. Strength and fatigue analysis of ship structures, offshore platform components, and mooring systems Analysis. Analysis of forces on mooring lines, optimization of mooring layouts, and assessment of system reliability, Optimization of device design, evaluation of power generation potential, and structural analysis

CFD and FEM simulation

✔ Simulate the fluid flow around marine vessels to optimize hull shapes for reduced drag, improved fuel efficiency, and enhanced maneuverability

✔ Model the flow around propellers and thrusters to optimize efficiency and thrust

✔ Simulate wave and current forces acting on mooring lines and structures

✔ Simulate wave and current interactions with offshore platforms, including jack-up rigs, semi-submersibles, and floating production systems

✔ Simulate the dynamic positioning of vessels in various environmental conditions

✔ Simulate fluid sloshing inside tanks during vessel motion

✔ Simulate the aerodynamic performance of wind turbines

✔ Model fluid flow inside risers and pipelines to optimize designs and prevent issues like slugging

✔ Analyze structural responses to hydrodynamic loads, including wave-induced motions and dynamic forces

✔ Analyze the structural integrity of propulsion components under various loads

✔ Analyze the structural response of mooring systems, including chains, anchors, and tensioned components

✔ Analyze the structural response of offshore platforms to environmental loads, including wave, wind, and seismic forces

✔ Evaluate the structural integrity of ship components such as hull structures, bulkheads, and decks under various loading conditions

✔ Analyze the structural components of dynamic positioning systems, including thruster foundations and control systems

✔ Evaluate the structural response of tanks and tank supports under dynamic conditions

✔ Analyze the structural response of foundations and support structures under wind and wave loads

✔ Analyze the structural response of risers and pipelines to environmental loads

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The simulations at Adyaha Ways provides a valuable insights into the performance, safety, and efficiency of marine and offshore systems, helping engineers make informed design decisions and meet regulatory requirements. It's important to collaborate with experts at Adyaha Ways in CFD, FEM, and marine engineering to ensure accurate and reliable simulations

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The design and analysis of marine and offshore structures involve a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating aspects of naval architecture, structural engineering, hydrodynamics, geotechnical engineering, and more. Develop initial design concepts considering functional requirements, safety, and feasibility. Perform hydrodynamic simulations using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to assess wave, current, and wind loads. Optimize the hull or structure shape for stability and performance Conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for structural components.Analyze the response of the structure to static and dynamic loads, including wave and wind-induced loads.


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✔ Fully functioning “manufacturing net” , including special processes

✔ Complete Logistics for order deliveries within specified delivery time frame

✔ Manufacturing Information Portal can be created to suit individual customer needs


✔ Manufacturing Product Strategies

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✔ Mesh system used for ship/rotor simulation

✔ Iso-vorticity contour map at longitudinal symmetry plane

✔ Spectra of streamwise velocity, vorticity etc.

✔ Variations of rotor forces and moments during lateral flight

✔ Turbulence intensity of ship airwake

✔ Stress & Load Analysis

✔ PSD plot of time-varying thrust

✔ Variation of RMS loadings in headwind condition