What do software developers do at ADYAHA WAYS

Here at ADYAHA WAYS the software developers create and maintain the computer programs. They are the creative masterminds, makes the internet world more beautiful. Their work results in anything to build a complex video game, Web Developers, Android developer, Mobile app developer. the software developers are either specialized in applications or systems software developements.

Systems software developers:

They can create and maintain the operating systems of computers and other electronics goods. They can design specific network systems for a company or general network systems used for the public.

Application software developers:

They can create and maintain programs and applications used on any operating systems. All type of games, Web developers, Android developer, and phone apps developer used by consumers.Once programers are completed their program, then the main work of the software developers are to maintaining that programs, or continuing to upgrade that according to the customer needs.

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Familiarity with computer languages & operating systems:

✔ PHP, XML, HTML/JavaScript/CSS, C++, Python, Java, Unix Shell Scripting

✔ Linux, Mac OS X, HPUX, Windows

✔ MySQL & Oracle (PL/SQL)

✔ Ability to communicate technical information easily to non-technical persons

✔ Ability to work in a graet team environment

✔ Superb oral & written communication skills

Software development services at ADYAHA WAYS

Data Structure & Algorithms:

This field forms the nuts & bolts used by the developers to store, arrangement and to organize the data in proper manner. The algorithms are performed in the manipulation of the data used in development phase that falls under coding. Software developer are mainly focusing on the data structures and algorithms which include the following:

Developer for online shopping programs:

They are capable to creat a strong foundation of data structure and algorithms which is needed to create the shoppers friendly program.

Developer for search engines:

For example Google uses a very complex algorithms to determine search results and its rankings.


As you all know that the programming languages are used to create the softwares, or we can say that “speak to the computer” according to the program done by the developers. Therefore it is essential for the software developers to know all about the languages used to programm it. they can specialized in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, HTML/JavaScript/CSS, PHP, XML are the most common languages which are used in programming.

Java :

Very popular programming language and most of the programmers learn this language. it is used for mobile apps and is the language to know for Android, apps,and OS.


this language must be learned by each developers, which is used in hardware,desktop software, games & OS like Windows .

Matlab :

A must-learn for developers; it’s used in hardware, speed games, desktop software and operating systems like Windows.

Python :

Now a days this language is more popular and used for expanding the web apps, data analysis and in the user interfaces, however it is considered as an all-in-one language.

Data Scientist:

Analyzing of the data and creating new algorithms to evaluate the effectiveness of the company programs.