Aerospace & defense

External Aerodynamics Using CFD

In case of an aircraft external aerodynamics CFD the air forces acting on existing, newly mounted or modified surfaces can be estimated, among others. This will deliver valuable information to the design engineering staff to properly size parts under influence of strong turbulence, high velocities and thus 3D forces.

Evaluation of Lift and drag

★ Different angle of attack, yaw and turbulent cases

★ Analysis of airframe components such as landing gear, high lift configuration, nacelles etc.

★ Airframe and part load analysis

Transient simulation of time-dependent flow structures

★ Effect of turbulent structures

★ Changing wind conditions

★ High angle of attack: transient CFD is necessary

Preliminary design

★ Analysis of modified or newly built-in components

★ Steady and time varying air force development on parts for further static and & dynamic structural analysis

★ Identification of extreme conditions and loads

★ Comparison of different designs for wind loads

Flow-thermal analysis

★ Steady and time dependent thermal analysis of parts

★ Heating/cooling of components

★ Heat radiation analysis

Now we design the aerospace world in that way we will tell the space how to curve and the space will tell us how to move

Internal flows in Aerospace CFD

Passenger comfort is a very crucial parameter in case of the of an airplane cabin. Especially in case of refurbishments, the plenum, duct-work and other components of the HVAC system is modified. To get a detailed qualitative and quantitative picture about the cabin velocity and temperature profiles, a very cost-effective and fast computational fluid dynamics analysis can be executed. Besides cabin comfort, the acoustics, pressurization and preliminary smoke management can also be simulated easily with with aerospace CFD modelling.

Cabin (cockpit, passenger or cargo) and HVAC

★ Temperature and airflow distribution

★ Analysis of redesigned HVAC channels and plenum performance

★ Ventilation analysis of toilets and kitchen

★ Ventilation performance

★ Cooling air flow for cabin components


★ CFD/FEA simulation such as muffler optimization, Ceiling fan Noise Analysis, Aero-engine noise analysis.

★ Identification of potential noise sources

★ Aero-acoustic/Vibro-acoustic analysis of HVAC components, fans, blowers and air channels


Some of the experience in the area of combustion simulation can be seen in the following:

★ Combustion in annular, can annular, can and double annular combustor.

★ CFD simulation of different mixing of gases like CH4 (methane), Kerosine, etc..

★ CFD Simulation of 2 & 4-stroke engine in internal combustion engine using dynamic mesh method-combustion chamber.

★ Complete design, anslysis and Prototyping of High Speed Ramjet, scramjet, and other supersonic and hypersonic vehicles.

★ Complete design & analysis solution for any type of internal flow simulation.

Dynamic mesh

When we need to calculate the real time performance of any moving body or seprated body or launch of missiles or the behavoiur of any failure part/body based on fluid flow and gravity force balance , we have to analysis by using Dynamic mesh with the help of 6-DOF dynamic mesh method.

We are highly experienced in using dynamic mesh in various CFD project and in the following:

★ Development of Six DOF for any type of moving body.

★ 6-DOF for modeling variation in location and angle of ship and boat in Navy sea applications.

★ Simulation of the tidal turbine using six DOF dynamic mesh method (calculating rotational speed).

★ Releasing of medical kit/food box or any other heavy or light items form airplane/UAV using six DOF dynamic method.

★ Simulation of flaps movement of an airplane wing.

★ Simulation of any damgae part from Aircraft/missile/FAN/Aicraft-Engine etc..

★ Modeling the underwater vehicle in Submerged and non-submerged situation.

★ Solid fuel combustion and modeling solid height level during burning fuel.

★ Fluid solid interaction of blood flow and vessel.

★ FSI simulation blood flow pumping in a human heart.

★ Fluid solid interaction of airflow around building and finding final deflection and fluctuation (two way and one way FSI).

★ Fluid solid interaction of airflow for Harmonic analysis and structural analysis (two way and one way FSI).

★ Mapping of CFD data to FEA.

Moving Reference Frame (MRF)

This module is used for CFD simulation of translational and rotational device (like Ceiling fan,compressor,turbine and pumps). The advantage of this model is that work with this module is very easy and convergence is so well imposed rather than Moving mesh and dynamic mesh and also it can be used in steady mode. But in case that overall shape of device in fluid flow domain is varying during time (like vertical axis wind turbine) this is module disable to simulate whole behavior of fluid flow during time and just be used to initial simulation and solve.

★ Simulation of cavitation mass transfer in inducer.

★ Ceiling fan simulation for Air-delivery calculations.

★ Design and Optimization of Ceiling fan simulation for High Air-delivery at Low RPM.

★ Simulation of axial and centrifugal compressor.

★ CFD simulation of axial fan in various rotation speed

★ Simulation of horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) in various tip speed ratio (TSR).

★ Determining airplane propeller thrust in various speed.

★ Predicting multiphase flow behavior around ship propeller.

★ Simulation of various mixer propeller in a tank in medical application.

★ Extra thrust prediction using aft fan in turbojet.

We are the place to get access of most talented researcher and engineer’s team. ADYAHA WAYS wants to become a global platform for defense companies who are looking to establish manufacturing or research units. We have many experts in the field of Missile, UAV, MAV and fighter aircraft design and analysis engineer. Over the years, aerospace and defense sector has evolved in and around the globe. The aerospace and defense cluster growth is happening in various places in India so highly specialized expert is required in almost all domain of aerospace and defense. Many existing companies are looking to expand their operations and new companies are coming so lot of peoples and expert a needed to fulfill their needs.

Missile Design Systems

✔ Missile design and system engineering process.

✔ Critical tradeoffs, methods, and technologies in aerodynamic, propulsion, structure, seeker, warhead, fuzing, and subsystems sizing to meet flight performance and other requirements

✔ Launch platform–missile integration

✔ Robustness, lethality, guidance, navigation and control, accuracy, observables, survivability, reliability, and cost considerations.

Aircraft Design and Analysis

Excellent skilled aeronautical engineers, software developers, project managers. Our primary objective is to help you design and build safe and predictable aircraft.

✔ Conceptual & Preliminary Design

✔ Stability & Control Analysis

✔ Detailed Aircraft Performance Analysis

✔ Aircraft Modification Analysis

✔ Detailed Geometry Design

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

The main components are required to focus while designing the UAV like wing, wing airfoil, fuselage, and suitable power plant, which meets the necessary power. The propeller of UAV should also match the constraint diagram. In addition, empennage designs done to achieve the required static margin of the aircraft.

✔ Design Phase

✔ Production

✔ Operations

✔ Supports