Energy and Power Plants

ADYAHA WAYS® The New Technology In Wind and Solar Energy application

We are going to start a research in Wind Energy to boost and advanced the energy resources in terms of without any harmful effect to our environments. We combine both aerodynamics and structural with composites design to optimize the new and existing wind turbines. We invite all the developers of small, medium & large scale wind turbines to establish a new technology to generate the energy resources. We consult on multi-rotors, horizontal and vertical axis designs as well as the solar energy optimizations.

ADYAHA WAYS vision & mission: looking towards the future of technology

A productive & versatile cognitive wind turbines and solar systems are required to advancement in energy resources beyond the currently available design concepts. The our organization will build wind turbines and solar systems design is to have such energy resources which can be used at variety of places to produce the powers at low cost without affecting the human effort and environment losses. However this requires highly dedication and the principles for how to develop and integrate such a wind turbines and solar systems as well as the methodology for promoting their uses and benefits in human life.

Mission for Energy Resources Developments

Speaking to Design techniques keep Progressing towards the actual realization of the vision requires for substantial industrial developments and human growth, both to build the solutions on a real industrial applications in the state-of-the-art of the industrial systems and also to have the wide variety of industrial as well as human users of the wind turbines and solar systems to save our environment. Our mission is to make the ADYAHA WAYS compatible cognitive wind turbines and solar systems which in reality by enhancing through the cross-fertilization between academic & industry. As well as setting up the standards in an environment of constant & rapid technological evolution.

Manufacturing services from ADYAHA WAYS


Wind turbines and solar systems manufacturing services to ensure your goods are manufactured to the highest levels of quality, durability and reliability. Designing and producing parts, materials and assemblies for the wind turbines and solar systems industry demands a systematic approach and expert engineering knowledge. Increasing demands are being placed on quality, assembly, components and modules, and on the development of innovative composite materials. We can help you ensure that everything is tested, certified, compatible and reliable in order to comply with stringent global air safety regulations.


✔ Single window for all manufacturing outsourcing needs

✔ Fully functioning “manufacturing net” , including special processes

✔ Complete Logistics for order deliveries within specified delivery time frame

✔ Manufacturing Information Portal can be created to suit individual customer needs


✔ Manufacturing Product Strategies

✔ Project Feasibility studies

✔ Project implementation & Productionization support

✔ Roadmaps & Systems for meeting quality, delivery & cost requirements


✔ CFD problem solving through scripting

✔ Aerodynamics: CFD–meshing (structured & unstructured) and Analysis of wind turbines and solar systems

✔ Electrical Load Analysis

✔ Optimization of Systems Installation & Risk Analysis

✔ Structural Analysis

✔ Stress & Load Analysis

✔ Modeling,fabrication, and manufacturing of Allmost all the wind turbines and solar systems Parts