Oil & Gas

CFD/FEM Analysis

In the oil and gas industry, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Method (FEM) simulations play a critical role in optimizing design, analyzing performance, and ensuring the safety of various components and processes.

What We do?:

✔ Model multiphase flows in pipelines and production facilities

✔ Analyze the behavior of oil, gas, and water in multiphase systems

✔ Optimize pipeline design and production processes

✔ Simulate heat transfer in equipment such as heat exchangers and pipelines

✔ Analyze temperature distribution and optimize insulation strategies

✔ Study the behavior of fluids at different temperatures and pressures

✔ Use FEM to analyze the structural integrity of pressure vessels and piping system

✔ Evaluate the impact of internal and external pressure, thermal loads, and seismic forces

✔ Ensure compliance with industry codes and standards

Internal Flow Aerodynamics Simulation

If your problem is an “internal flow” case, whereas the fluid is confined by walls in every direction, most important aerodynamic quantities involves pressure loss, friction, local velocity and turbulence. These quantities can be very well simulated and predicted for your product, way before it gets manufactured. This means cost and time savings for you.

Study and Expertise

✔ Pipe flows

✔ Duct flow in HVAC applications and building air-conditioning

✔ Model fluid separation processes in separators and tanks

✔ Optimize the design of separation equipment for improved efficiency

✔ Study the behavior of different components in separation units

✔ Sudden contractions and expansions

✔ Valves

✔ Fittings

✔ Elbows in piping systems

✔ Heat exchangers

✔ General industrial flows

✔ Use FEM to analyze the structural integrity of pressure vessels and equipment

✔ Simulate multiphase flow scenarios, including oil, gas, and water

✔ Analyze the behavior of multiphase flows in pipes, separators, and other components

✔ Simulate fluid flow and heat transfer within underground reservoirs to optimize oil recovery

✔ Analyze reservoir behavior under different operating conditions